Les Lumières du Temps, a manufacturer of exotic home fragrances from the east of France uses the finest of raw materials from Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. Fragrances from Les Lumières du Temps are alluring in their ability to let one imagine, in between the silences where innovation, nature and life gently converge. These delightful scents draw on the spirit of the times, and have always been trendsetters

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Bergamot Gift Set By LES Lumieres DU Temps

Summer glow will awaken your senses with color & fragrance. The aromatic properties of alluring and refreshing citrus bergamot will fill your home with life. Its scent is fruity-sweet with mild spicy note.

Cachmere Gift Set By LES Lumieres DU Temps

Cashmere diffuser is the ultimate in luxury. The natural elements, color and fragrance are the perfect blend of classic and contemporary style for the bed and bath.

Cotton Flower Gift Set By LES Lumieres DU Temps

Infused with soft, fresh powdery note, this fragrance will guarantee to take you back to your childhood in open cotton fields

Verbena Gift Set By LES Lumieres DU Temps

Verbena, or Verviene, is known for its history of being associated with sorcery and magic. Both the Celtic and the Germanic people that lived in Europe used the herb to ward off evil. The Romans and Greeks also considered Verviene as sacred.