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Alpine Candle By Heyland & Whittle

Aromatic and woody, feels like a bracing walk through the pine forest on a frosty day.

Bouquet De Trianon Candle By Historiae

On August 15, 1774, King Louis XVI makes a wonderful gift to his wife Marie-Antoinette : The Petit Trianon. At Trianon, Marie-Antoinette created a haven of intimacy that allowed her to escape the etiquette. She indulged her taste for country-style patterns and pastel colors.

Branche d’Olive Lavender – Candle

Evoking the sun-baked warmth Provence, a fresh Lavender enhanced by amber, vanilla, lemon leaf and musk.

Branche d’Olive Orange Flower – Candle

Imagine an orange grove at sundown - orange and petitgrain mix with orange blossom and rose to produce a fragrance, which is strongly reminiscent of the original ‘4711’ cologne.

Branche d’Olive Verbena – Candle

Widely acknowledged as the strongest of the lemon scents. Put zest into your living space with this sparkling mix of crisp green citrus sitting on a floral heart of white jasmine finishing on a soft musk base.

Champagne Rose Reed Diffuser By The PETRICOR

A luxurious blend of champagne, lychees, red raspberries and velvety rose petals, this romantic, soft and sweet fragrance denotes pure luxury.

Earl Grey Candle By Heyland & Whittle

This fragrance oil is inspired by traditional Earl Grey Tea leaves which are blended with citrusy zest and sweet herbal notes to create a refined scent that is both fresh and clean.

Hameau De La Reine Candle By Historiae

Following the example of the Prince de Condé in Chantilly, Marie-Antoinette wanted to have her own little village to enjoy the pleasures of the countryside with her children. Her aspiration for a rural paradise is somewhat a result of Enlightenment. The Queen had her Hameau built in Versailles in 1783, going against the traditions of the old Royal Court.

Jasmine and Lilac Candle By Heyland & Whittle

Summer Berries, Oranges and Lemons blend with an euphoric bouquet of Jasmine, Lilac and Lavender to evoke the enchanting smell of summer.

Lulie Wallace Cerulean Candle

A blend of Marine, Stone Fruit, Rose & Moss

Lulie Wallace Curiosity Candle

A blend of Grapefruit, Orange, Lychee, Mango & Coconut

Lulie Wallace Efflorescence Candle

A blend of Lilac, Rose, Black Currant, Heliotrope & Musk