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Produce Fig Candle

Lusciously sweet, figs feature a complex texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin and the crunchiness of their seeds.

Produce Rosemary Candle

Hearty, aromatic, and distinct, this herb is full of flavor. Uniquely suited for holiday dishes and decor, this woody scent joins taste and tradition.

Produce Sage Candle

A wild herbaceous aroma makes this green leaf essential for dressing your holiday turkey. Regarded for countless medicinal purposes, this herb is associated with long life.

Rhubarb Candle By Produce

Known for its sugary, tart bite, it is often found in desserts. In temperate climates, this is one of the first plants harvested during spring. A straight stalk, with deep red color fading into a green or white blush is a sign of quality. A fresh and uplifting scent.

Tomato Candle By Produce

This familiar scent whisks us away to moments in our garden. With freshness peaking in the summer, look for bright red fruit that is soft to the touch.

Wildflower Candle By Produce

Vibrant sophistication is accented by a soft floral undertone. With a variety sure to awaken the senses, some form of these beauties can be found year round. Playing a vital role on the farm, they help sustain life.