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Rhubarb Candle By Produce

Known for its sugary, tart bite, it is often found in desserts. In temperate climates, this is one of the first plants harvested during spring. A straight stalk, with deep red color fading into a green or white blush is a sign of quality. A fresh and uplifting scent.

Verbena Gift Set By LES Lumieres DU Temps

Verbena, or Verviene, is known for its history of being associated with sorcery and magic. Both the Celtic and the Germanic people that lived in Europe used the herb to ward off evil. The Romans and Greeks also considered Verviene as sacred.

Champagne Rose Reed Diffuser By The PETRICOR

A luxurious blend of champagne, lychees, red raspberries and velvety rose petals, this romantic, soft and sweet fragrance denotes pure luxury.

Petricor Morning Glory Votive Candle Set

Engulfed in gorgeous prints, these beautifully designed scented votive candles are made using the finest of ingredients ensure maximum scent throw in the least amount of burn time. Each of these artisan hand made candles are carefully curated and packed in a luxurious gift box for your loved ones. May it be personal gifting, wedding favors or corporate gifting.

Rewined Candle – Cabernet

While sampling this deep red varietal, look for rich aromas of black cherry and currant. Let the background notes of smoke and toast round out this bold red.

Alpine Reed Diffuser By Heyland And Whittle

Aromatic and woody, feels like a bracing walk through the pine forest on a frosty day.

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